Christmas Session Information for the 14th November

Firstly, Thank you so much for booking me to take your Christmas photos, they are going to be a lot of FUN!

Your Session time and payment details will be sent in the text I have sent you to view this link.

Your Christmas session is a quick 20 minute session. I have back to back sessions all day so please allow plenty of time for your travel to the Christmas tree farm. I do ask that you arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your session time as if you are late for your session this will cut into your session time slot and I do have to be extremely strict and I do set alarms for when your sessions are due to finish ready for the next family.

The instructions for the tree farm are as follows, please note I don't have a postcode but here are the co ordinates that can be put on phone sat navs


You will need to Head to Old Waltham, Past the kings head pub, when you get to the 2 roundabouts head straight over both towards Brigsley, stay on this road and keep going until you get to a roundabout at the top of a hill. You need to turn right at this roundabout, It says the road is closed but please ignore this and keep going. Keep going on that road which is the A18 and you are heading towards Laceby/Brigg, keep going and then you will get to a left turn that is a small road signed Hatcliffe, go just past that road and on the right are some double gates and there are the Christmas trees. Come in the gates and park up. There will be another photographer there so make sure you come to me, I have pinky blonde hair.




Please be aware this is a field, it will be muddy and there will be tree stumps, it is also November so it may be chilly, windy or even a little rainy (hope not) 

I will be providing a rocking chair and a couple of tartan blankets and also some confetti snow for the children to play with also. If there is anything else you would like in your session then I do urge you to bring it with you to make it more personal to you and your family.

If there are any questions or you can't make it then please do let me know as I do have a waiting list of people who were wanting a Christmas session too.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.